Bounce House Rentals

*Generator REQUIRED if party is at a park

Standard Bounce House
Size: 13x13ft

Blue Bear Entertainment
Slide Bounce House

Size: 20x15ft

WIDE SLIDE Bounce House
Size: 25x20ft

Block Tower Wet/Dry Slide Bounce House (pictured with ball pit)
Size: 20/22x18ft

Magical Unicorn Wet/Dry Slide Bounce House
Size: 20/22x18ft

WIDE Magical Unicorn Wet/Dry Bounce House
Size: 16×33/35ft

Maui Wet/Dry Slide Bounce House
Size: 20/22x18ft

Dual Slide Wet/Dry Bounce House
Size: 16x35ft

Wave Wet/Dry Bounce House
Dry: 29ft x 13 x 17
Wet/Pool: 34 ft x 13 x 17

Our Bounce Houses are Proudly Made in the USA



Balloon decor and bouquets

Made with high quality balloons
*50% deposit required for balloons and other decor



Party Add-Ons – Upgrade Your Event

Event Helper for 2 hours
Ice Cream Carts
Ice Cream Cart filled (with 50 pieces)
Bubble Machine
6 ft Tables



Decorations – Custom Themes

Organic Balloon Garland

Artificial Grass Backdrop

Pipe frame backdrop stand

Packages – Take Your Pick

*2 Hours of Entertainment and up to 4 hours of Bounce House rental

Package One

6 Carnival Games

Single Slide Bounce House

2 Event Helpers

Package Two

6 Carnival Games

Bounce House

2 Event Helpers

Package Three

8 Carnival Games

1 Canopy/Booth

No Helper

Package Four

8 Carnival Games

BIG Slide Bounce House

2 Event Helpers

Balloon Animals

Bubble Machine

Ice Cream Cart Filled (50 pieces)

4 Tables and 40 Chairs

Payment Methods

*$50 Reservation Deposit

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Paypal email

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Cash App
Blue Bear Entertainment

Apple Pay
(619) 813-3914

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